Project Work Force is a social enterprise project of Olympia International Ltd. A fully serviced garment supplier to brands and retailers around the world.

3 million workers still work in sweat-shops (unauthorised building space) stopping them from obtaining required business licenses. As these factories are unable to meet compliance requirements set by direct buyers, they often end up as sub-contract units and form the informal sector/shadow economy. The lack of availability of small compliant industrial building space, lack of finance channels and market linkage is what forces these businesses to remain in the shadow economy. 

PWF has made it its mission to solve these problems by building world class industrial space where these factories can operate and call home. At PWF we are not just building industrial co-working space but a community which we are supporting through establishing finance channels and market linkages. 

This is a first project of its kind, and all brands who’s clothes are produced in a PWF managed space can be confident that the workers behind their products is offered world class facilities. PWF also looks at issues like nutrition of workers, wage rates, child labour and health insurance.