PWF is a social enterprise project of Olympia International Ltd.

We are currently running 3 project called Cotton Farm Clothing, PWF-MZ and PWF-Aksa. This space will host 3 factories with a total capacity of 2000 shirts, 1800 trousers and 4000 T-shirts per day. The factories currently stay open 8 months in a year. 

We have already started the scoping work of Phase 2 which is a 72000 sqft. space in Karnapara, Savar. This space will host 1400 workers and have a total capacity of 6000 shirts/day, 4000 bottoms/day, 5000 T-shirts/day. 


We are a multidisciplinary fashion company with 5 key business lines which include: 
a. Private label garment production. 

b. Brand Lisencing. 

c. Factory building space.

d. E-commerce retail.

e. Stock fabric distribution. 


T: +44208 123 1216

E: elizabeth@blowfa.com

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