This is a one off fee charged for every new sample with a new pattern.  

$2.00/MAN HOUR

Once an order is placed our merchandisers calculate the man hour required for production and will quote the buyer a fixed price. 


All samples are posted using DHL Courier and charged at actual. 

50 - 50

A 50% advance deposit must be paid by TT during order placement and 50% before goods are delivered. 


Each swatch book sent out is charged at $5.00/swatch. 

At Actual

Kuehne Nagel is our official logistic partner delivering goods directly to your warehouse any where in the world. All logistic charges are charged at actual. 


We are a multidisciplinary fashion company with 5 key business lines which include: 
a. Private label garment production. 

b. Brand Lisencing. 

c. Factory building space.

d. E-commerce retail.

e. Stock fabric distribution. 


T: +44208 123 1216

E: elizabeth@blowfa.com

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