If you are a sustainable fashion groupie who cares about the people back stage then this blog is for you. My aim is simple, I want to give you an indepth view of life from the lens of garment workers. As part of my research, every week, I will be interviewing stitching workers, weavers, pattern makers, quality checkers etc. directly and then reporting it back to you. I will also be taking any questions that you may have for them and write up their responses.

I decided to start this blog now as there is a lot of misinformation floating around and it seems like everyone has a view of what is happening to the workers and how to solve their problem. What I have also realised that in this time when the whole world is talking about "power of humanity" and "compassion", that these workers don't matter. Their views matter as much as the views of the stiching machine on which they sit.