At “Project Work Force”  we use fashion as an arm for development through empowering SME's to create long term sustainable jobs with the fashion supply chain.



1. Identify highly talented existing SME entrepreneurs who work within the field of fashion but currently working as sub-contract factories due to poor market linkage, financial constraints, bureaucratic challenges and lack of knowledge.

2. Relocate them to a co-work factory space which includes all required building compliance – structural, electrical and fire. The co-work space is not just built to create a safe working environment but also a highly vibrant working environment, we have invested in:

  • Light engineers to ensure that maximum level of natural light.

  • Sound engineer to ensure that it not extremely loud.

  • Interior architects have been consulted to ensure maximum comfort for workers, plants and air-purifiers which maximises fresh air withing factories. 

  • Clean Drinking water accessible at all times. 

  • Subsidised lunch. 

  • Play area for workers children. 

  • Medical room with nurse to carry out immediate checks for workers. 

3. Our Industrial Engineers and Quality Team train work-force on productivity and quality in order to ensure that they are able to complete in the global market.

4. We support factories with working capital finance, financing for raw-materials for factories is one of the biggest constraints for SME’s who are often ineligible for structured bank finance.

5. Obtaining licenses for operations within Bangladesh remains one of the biggest barriers for small and medium enterprises.

6. Finally, market linkage, as part of our value added services, PWF also offers all its factories centralised sales and marketing services ensuring that there is no gap in their production planning. 


We have started the project in the heart of the garment district in Bangladesh but will be rolling it out to more rural areas over the next 3 years in an attempt to create jobs closer to the homes of the workers.

By 2025, we will expand internationally to new post-conflict regions which is in desperate need for jobs.

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We are a multidisciplinary fashion company with 5 key business lines which include: 
a. Private label garment production. 

b. Brand Lisencing. 

c. Factory building space.

d. E-commerce retail.

e. Stock fabric distribution. 


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