BLOW FASHION AGENCY (BLOWFA) was established by Kash Ahmed in 2010 as a private label clothing and footwear supplier to Scandinavian brands such as Kronstadt, Just Junkies and Rubber Duck. Early on he had realised that the rise of e-commerce will create great opportunities for new brands to enter the market who needed great quality products at affordable price-points, however, the suppliers from Bangladesh were only focused only on producing large volume cheap clothes.

Today BLOWFA has a team of over 110 people operating globally (Dhaka, Shanghai, Dubai and London) supporting its partner brands with everything from design development to fabric sourcing and sales man samples to production. BLOWFA currently operates its own development center with a capacity to produce 1200 samples per month and produces its clothes through carefully selected 23 partner factories. 

Although we have grown considerably over the past 10 years, we aim to stay true to our Scandi roots and focus on quality design and product finishing. 

BLOW Fashion Agency will help you every step of the way to produce your clothes and shoes through 23 trusted partner factories in Bangladesh and China.