About us:

PWF is focused on building infrastructure to eradicate slavery within the fashion industry. Slave labour in its extreme form exists within the informal sector, at PWF we are build infrastructure to help transfer these workers and enterprises to the formal economy. We are a fashion community builder supporting our partners through the following:


1. Safe building space with clean water and electricity. 

2. Documentation support allowing them to procure materials and export. 

3. Low cost financial support to procure materials. 

4. Market linkages - orders to fulfil capacity of these factories round the year. 

5. Training on how to operate an ethical production unit where workers can earn a living wage. 

In the next two years PWF will be investing $6 million to create 100,000 sqft. compliant building space for SME's.



Building Space
Building Space
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Market Linkage
Market Linkage
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At Project Workforce we are pioneers in supporting entrepreneurs and workers who run micro factories to reach their full potential in the global garment market. From finding the right location to floor layout and machinery support to worker training, at project workforce, we offer a turn-key solution for willing businesses who want to join the global market. 

We are focused on creating a highly trained, flexible work-force ready to work with high end brands and boutiques around the world. Our flexi-factories compete on 3 key areas, fast lead time, low MOQ, diverse product category. 

Through a combination of training, targeted capital injection and market linkages, we can showcase a replicable model which will transform the futures of entrepreneurs who want to run micro-factories with short lead times, low MOQ and a more flexible product basket. 


We are dreamers who are redefining the industry to use fashion as an arm of development rather than destruction. 

We have experience in working with large retailers like H&M, Zara, United Colours of Benetton and start up brands like Denim Project, Clean Cut and Just Junkies. 

All in all, we understand the needs and challenges of the fashion world and here to serve your every wish. 


1. Identify factories that operate in unsafe building conditions and work as sub-contract units due to lack of documentation, finance, market linkage. 

2. Relocate them to a safe fully serviced co-working building space which is fully run by PWF. 

3. Offer centralised monitoring to ensure the highest welfare of workers through- wages, working hours and nutrition.  

4. Train workers to produce goods as per international standards.

5. Connect them to international brands. 

6. Offer micro-finance to procure required materials.