A credit card. You can’t eat a credit card. Except we do. The planet is so polluted with plastic, each of us consumes the equivalent of a credit card every week.


Ocean Laundry recycle post-consumer plastic, and turn it into beautifully crafted products. In turn, this helps to clean up our oceans. So, become the solution, not the pollution.


Inspired by the 1990's Hip Hop culture, Paid In Full aims to combine streetwear and couture aims to come up with beautiful designs. 

Paid In Full - clothes are individually crafted from start to finish by highly skilled tailors and not made in a production line.  

From the designer to maker and all the creatives in between - our brand is built on a simple ethos to pay creatives in full. 

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Sustainability shouldn’t be a difficult and limiting task. This label was created to give people a variety when choosing sustainable products at affordable prices. Our products are accessible and make living a sustainable lifestyle easy and beautiful!

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Legends is a contemporary menswear brand based on classic silhouettes combined with modern aesthetics.

Our concept is based on a direct-to-consumer approach offering a premium quality range of apparel, eyewear, and footwear at affordable prices.


Legends stand for a simple mellow and friendly approach to fashion.    


The year of 1999, a bohemian Dane decided that a clothing brand was missing on the fashion scene in Scandinavia. One hazy night, the brand KRONSTADT was born. At the start of the millennium KRONSTADT was known for its funky shirts with wide collars, broad cuffs and cool materials.

The name comes from the Russian town famous for its uprising against the Bolsheviks in 1920’s and the punk band Kronstadt Uprising.

The Dane, founder Thomas Olesen, changed the focus from funky shirts to good fits, discrete detail, classic collars and kept quality at top. Making shirts, tees, jackets, pants, with great response, took the brand from the streets of Copenhagen and made it an international success.

Sold across the globe both in stores and online and worn by a long list of celebrities and common ordinary people. Always keeping the true Scandinavian genuine look, nice fits and good quality. Young or old. Cool or gentle. KRONSTADT is clothes for every man, every day.


Just Junkies is a Danish fashion brand designing casual clothing with a twist of Scandinavian attitude. The company has existed since 2009 and is located in Odense, with a showroom in Copenhagen. Just Junkies started out as a small company with big ambitions; but today, they are a recognized brand, exporting to countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

To ensure their consistent high quality, all Just Junkies’ production is based in Europe – and yet despite this high quality, they manage to ensure that pricing is kept reasonable so they can be a brand for all who identify with their style.

When the company was launched in 2009 it was called Denim Junkies, as their primary focus back then was on jeans. Since then, collections have been expanded to include much more than just jeans. Today, Just Junkies designs & produces jackets, knits, shirts, sweat, t-shirts and yes, of course, jeans. Hence the name change to Just Junkies.

Just Junkies style is casual but with an attitude & an edge - it’s raw and edgy. Designs are simple, but with added detail that makes a huge difference.


Rubber Duck is a Danish sports fashion footwear brand that has taken the world by storm with its hip and colourful winter gear. Originated in the 80’s culture, as jogging became popular, the need for a jogging shoe grow, to enter the winter landscape. Therefore they invented a hybrid of a Moon Boot and a running shoe. SnowJoggers® was born. The most celebrated product, the Rubber Duck SnowJoggers, has become a winter must-have, spotted on celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Katherine Heigl, Paris Hilton, The Kardashian’s and One Direction, just to name a few.

The Rubber Duck SnowJoggers is warm, cosy and smart. They have synthetic fur lining and an internal water-resistant membrane that ensures the boots are water-resistant. They are developed with a shock-absorbing FlexFoam midsole and the rubber ‘Duck Tread’ outsole for better traction – and for leaving small duck prints in the snow.